Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New blog!

Please will all followers check out my brand new blog! It's called The Vintage Voyager, and I'm very excited about it as a concept so please have a look and be my first follower!
Thanks x

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Despite the fact I was feeling extremely poorly, yesterday I attended the Clothes Show. So, this means several things:
1) I will probably be ill for a few months after doing that, which means that...
2) I'll have to have EVEN MORE time off school (after about 3 hours the novelty wears off and you MISS being at school)which means that...
3) There will be a veryyy long blog post explaining and describing every detail of my purchases in intense and unnecessary detail.

Well that's something for you all to look forward to! :)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Maxi fever

Maybe it's because I'm having some serious thigh issues at the moment (or should that be serious cupcake issues? It's close to an addiction.), or the wide range of designs available, but I feel like it's time for me to buy a great summer maxi.

I can't see any disadvantage: they look effortlessly cool even without accessories, there's NO issues with flashing, and they flatter everyone!

Here are some of my favourite looks on celebrities:

I do love a bit of tie-dye, and these maxi dress looks cool and summery, and suits Lauren and Vanessa's petite frames. Simple, wavy hair and a pendant necklace emphasize the simplicity of the look.

Hayden Panettiere proves that maxi dresses can suit short girls! Plain gladiators make for a casual, relaxed outfit.

The paisley print and long sleeves make for a 70s style hippy dress, with a waist tie to add definition.

However us normal people can also get a piece of the action, for a fraction of the price:
I love the Hawaiian-style print on this dress from Topshop for a very reasonable £30!

This is a sleek, pretty design: I love the lace detail around the neckline. From Oasis at Asos, £50.

Another Oasis creation,with a 70s look similar to Nicole Richie's style. I love the bluey-purple colour scheme, so I will definitely be picking this up the second I have £80 to spare :o

Peace out!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Vintaaaaage, darling

Following my last post about Vintage festival, I decided to share with you some of the gorgeous vintage websites I've found online, because there's a few.

Firstly, Rokit.
There's eeeeeverything on Rokit, from leather trousers to soda syphons!
My favourite category is the playsuits/jumpsuit... so many lovely vintage items.

From top to bottom, prices are £35, £50 and £60.

Next up, Love Miss Daisy: the best place to go for 50s dresses. Here are my three favourites:

The bottom dress is my favourite, but is actually Laura Ashley from the 80s!
From top to bottom, the prices are £85, £75, £69.
I've heard that they also do some pretty stunning wedding dresses, but being 15, under no circumstances have I lusted over them. *ahem*. No way.

Freudian Slips Vintage has THE MOST AMAZING hair accessory I've ever seen:
This 1930s garland is so pretty, it would be perfect for a festival.
I also love this schoolgirl-style gingham dress, £95.

Revival is the best place to go for floral dresses, my favourite being this 70s maxi:
And it's only £22!

I love the print on this 70s sundress, which is also incredibly good value at just £18! Wow!

Yessssss this one is my favourite, probably due to my immature inclination for all things pink. It's 80s and is again a cheap £30!

Well, I hope you all go out and support these fabby little websites! See you soon :)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Vintage at Goodwood

I loooove festivals... the music, the fashion, the camping, the crappy food...
Unfortunately, I'm only going to be going to one festival.
BUT it looks like it's heading to be one of the best ones of the year!
The idea being that it not only celebrates vintage music, but also art, fashion, film and design! Hence me being extremely and childishly excited.
And me being me, I feel the need to purchase a whole new wardrobe for this long-weekend event.
Sooo step in Frock Me! (No, not the show which I salivated over, the vintage fair which is held at the Corn Exchange in Brighton) and I have been busy buying mostly 50s dresses to make me look like a vintage princess on 13-15 August. (Well, that's the idea. In reality I'll be under-makeuped, under-washed and under-slept) Items include this tutu from Beyond Retro, which I totally feel like a ballerina in :D

As I'm writing this, and looking at the Vintage website I'm getting more and more excited.... as well as The Noisettes, one of my aforementioned big girl crushes (see Frocking Brilliant), PALOMA FAITH is going to perform. This literally MAKES MY LIFE.

Well that's all for now, but I'm stuck at home at the moment so expect a FLURRY of posts over the next couple of weeks!
Love you all! xxx

P.S. If you follow me, please pass on this blog to your friends etc, so my number of followers can increase slightly :)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Topshop make up

I'm no make up reviewer, but in my opinion the Topshop make up looks pretty impressive. Using the site's virtual makeover, I conclude that the foundation offers perfect coverage, and the skin glow is really quite magical! I love the nail colours, my favourite being the two featured here: Gypsy Night and Bees Knees, and the eyeshadow combos: the one here is Midnight in Paris. I will definitely be checking them out in real life as soon as possible! If anyone has personal experience, feel free to comment with your own review!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Frocking brilliant!

One of my new favourite shows on TV: Frock me! So brilliant, and not only because the fashion blogger  who judged a section of the show (Selina, from The Flying Saucer) was wearing my new item in my wardrobe, the lace biker jacket (on the far right)! 

 I love Alexa Chung, and Henry Holland (although the lack of animation in his voice is unbelievable!) and they always seem to interview either my girl crushes (Olivia Palermo, Paloma Faith) or the people I love to hate (Taylor "I don't like people copying me yet I will take money to front a campaign for New Look" Momsen)

So this week, the look the Frock Me team talked about was Americana. It's been creeping upon us in many forms: cowboy, sporty chic, double denim, crop tops.... you see my point? 

Topshop really seem to be commandeering these looks on the British high street, with some really gorgeous items:
My friend has just bought this jacket and I can see why: it combines two of the trends, sporty and denim. £45.
Topshop have also adapted the typical American sports team tops:

The vest is £16, the jumper £25 and the crop top £18. My favourite is the jumper, due to my current obsession with that mint green colour!

OMFG how amazing are these shorts? I really am in love with them, they're the coolest shorts I've ever seen IN MY LIFE!£32.
Another trend is varsity jackets: I can smugly say that I got hold of one from a vintage fair loooong before the trend surfaced! :D If you're not as cool as me however, one of the best ones available is coincidentally by Henry Holland at Debenhams, for £45.

One of the things I love about this trend is that it really is completely wide open to interpretation: you could go full on sportswear, just hint at a homage to the wild west or even just go for a simple crop top and jeans combo, and I certainly will be trying all three, and more, possibilities!

See y'all around :) xx