Monday, 17 May 2010

Frocking brilliant!

One of my new favourite shows on TV: Frock me! So brilliant, and not only because the fashion blogger  who judged a section of the show (Selina, from The Flying Saucer) was wearing my new item in my wardrobe, the lace biker jacket (on the far right)! 

 I love Alexa Chung, and Henry Holland (although the lack of animation in his voice is unbelievable!) and they always seem to interview either my girl crushes (Olivia Palermo, Paloma Faith) or the people I love to hate (Taylor "I don't like people copying me yet I will take money to front a campaign for New Look" Momsen)

So this week, the look the Frock Me team talked about was Americana. It's been creeping upon us in many forms: cowboy, sporty chic, double denim, crop tops.... you see my point? 

Topshop really seem to be commandeering these looks on the British high street, with some really gorgeous items:
My friend has just bought this jacket and I can see why: it combines two of the trends, sporty and denim. £45.
Topshop have also adapted the typical American sports team tops:

The vest is £16, the jumper £25 and the crop top £18. My favourite is the jumper, due to my current obsession with that mint green colour!

OMFG how amazing are these shorts? I really am in love with them, they're the coolest shorts I've ever seen IN MY LIFE!£32.
Another trend is varsity jackets: I can smugly say that I got hold of one from a vintage fair loooong before the trend surfaced! :D If you're not as cool as me however, one of the best ones available is coincidentally by Henry Holland at Debenhams, for £45.

One of the things I love about this trend is that it really is completely wide open to interpretation: you could go full on sportswear, just hint at a homage to the wild west or even just go for a simple crop top and jeans combo, and I certainly will be trying all three, and more, possibilities!

See y'all around :) xx

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