Tuesday, 29 December 2009


ohhhh how I love a good post-Christmas sale. Everyone takes part and it is the PERRRFECT time to get some winter clothes that us lucky people in sunny England can wear until around mid-July!
However, thanks to the sudden rush of Christmas money I'm feeling slightly miser-like. (I don't know why, but it seems that whenever I have quite a bit of money I'm really reluctant to spend any of it!) Which means I'm here to divulge the secrets of the best of the sales!

I have a dress really similar to this and wear it all the time... the style looks great with gladiator sandals in the summer or tights and heels in the winter and just some simple jewellery. This one from Desire Clothing has been reduced from £15.99 to £7.99!

My favourite sale of the season is the Asos one, such great bargains! This lace dress was £38, now £20! And I loooove the zip detail.

This necklace, also from Asos, has been reduced to £9! I really want a pearl necklace, and this one's really different.

The third of my Asos selections is this amazing sequin playsuit. Wear with a blazer, tights and shoeboots for a perfect New Year's Eve party outfit. And, it's been reduced by 50% from £50 to £25!

This Dorothy Perkins coat is AMAZING.... a great colour and gorgeous style. And it's been reduced by £40! Now £35.

Another great New Year's Eve dress... I am so in love with sequins at the moment! It costs £19.60 from £27.99.

Last but not least, a beautiful bag from Topshop... reduced from £22 to £10! It's a real statement bag, and it's worth the money even if you only use it once or twice.
After a day of sale shopping, I've firmly decided that the only way to combat the sales is over the internet. Please, take my advice and get clicking!
Oh, and happy new year :) xxx

Thursday, 24 December 2009


See what I did there with the title? Clever, huh?!
Anyway, as unflattering as this trend is, I can't help but adore it.

Topshop, £6.

AWear, £16

Asos, £8
Topshop, £45

Apologies for the short post, but it is Christmas Eve after all, and I have the mother of all colds.
Merry Christmas to all then, have a good one :) xxx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I am the music man...

Hmmm I can't decide whether the fact that I play the piano means it would be too geeky for me to own some music themed items... actually I don't even care. I'll be a complete geek anyway.

This Temporary:Secretary piano ring is the perfect quick fix for this trend, at only £5.

Hmmm, I may have mentioned my love of jumper dresses before once or twice? This dress from Asos catches three birds with one stone: it's a lovely jumper dress, it's got a pretty little musical note on it and it's got SEQUINS!

I loooove this crop top from Topshop, for £14. Simple design and colours, and I know I'd get a lot of use out of it. Buy oversized and wear as a normal top, or wear as a crop top layered with a vest or high-waisted skirt.

This guitar necks tee from Truffle Shuffle (£24.99) is for men, but I think it would look great as a dress if bought in a large size.

This Diesel Black Gold scarf from Asos was £50... but it's been reduced in the sales to £38! I love it when this happens, as you're getting something with expensive quality for over £10 less. I know it's a bit hard to see, but the design is a music score.
Right, well I'm off to buy all these things, see you soon my lovelies :) xxx

Monday, 21 December 2009

spree vs steal

Oh, I do love a good spree vs steal article: the idea of getting something designer, or more expensive, for a lot less money. What's not to love?
1) I've had my eye on this Wildfox t-shirt for aaaaages now, I love the simple motif and style.

But now, I've found this cheaper alternative, and I think I may prefer the perfume bottle feature, and it has padded shoulders! But most importantly, while the Wildfox version is £60, this one from Yogo Ego is only £15!

2) The classic Chanel quilt bag, iconic, luxurious, instantly recognisable, and.... expensive! But this AWear bag is such a great alternative for those of us unable to afford the original, and I love the contrasting colours. And it's only £8! I'm certainly putting an order in.

3) Oh, Luella, Luella Luella. Everyone remembers the beautiful floral designs of Spring/Summer 09, and now you can get your hands on one... well not exactly, but this Oasis dress is a pretty good alternative, especially as it looks like it'll be a lot more flattering and wearable than the original. The Oasis dress is only £25 in the sale, but grab it quickly because I don't think it'll be around for too long.

4) Oh, I do love this nail varnish colour. The problem is, it costs around £50 to get hold of. BUT you can get the EXACT SAME COLOUR from Barry M for £2.95. And I should know, I got it for Christmas. Now, you need a couple of coats as it's quite light, but the end result is very Chanel.
5) I love this duck ring from Topshop... but no way do I want to spend £16 on it! That's why this Temporary:Secretary one is perfect! And it's only £5 as well! Perfect!

6) I really like the idea of a 'love' pendant, and this Swarovski silver one is perfect.. if you have £78 to spend. If not, try this Topshop alternative, with swallow details.


Saturday, 19 December 2009


Right, so Thursday was my 15th birthday and I got to open all my Clothes Show clothes as well as a few surprises. Here's some of my outfits, made up entirely of brand new clothes!

The dress is from Darimeya, the bag is vintage, the necklace and the bracelet are from a school company, and the tights are from Topshop. I also went to get my haircut, and I do not like it AT ALL. I tried to mess it up a bit, but it reminds me of my hair when I was 12, which is never a good thing. So here's my evening outfit, with a H&M necklace, Darimeya cardigan, H&M lace skirt and the same tights. I LOVE this new necklace, I think it'll be really good for hardening up a cutesy outfit. I realise it's a bit hard to make out, so here's a close up.

Yes, it's a massive safety pin! Love it.
Also, the nail varnish is my new favorite colour. It's Rimmel with lycra, and takes a very long time to dry but I LOVE the colour and it's long lasting.

I also got this Topshop cardigan, which is really practical and I love the stag design.

This is a picture of some of my new jewellery. The duck earrings are from Topshop, the anchor bracelet is from Accessorize, the scrabble necklace is the one from the school company, the flower and anchor earrings are from Topshop, as is the necklace.
Ahhh well that was a long post! And I still haven't worn all of my new clothes so more to come!
I'll write again soon!

Friday, 18 December 2009

CSL post... finally!

OMG I have sooooo much to say about the Clothes Show so we'll start with the most exciting.....
ok so it wasn't exactly a long chat... but look at this picture I took of her! WOW! And she signed my ticket (picture to follow)

Second most important is all the fandabbydoodah stuff I bought....
Eclectic Eccentricity!!!! mmmmm such beautiful stuff. Here's one example, and once again I found it impossible to choose which one to show you all so HAVE A LOOK YOURSELVES :)

2) Mina UK... lovely. Bought a lace dress from there reduced by a lot... but it's all lovely and will be great for the winter sales. LOVE this little flowery cardie.

3) Darimeya Ok, I know I've blogged about the beautiful Darimeya before, a boutique I discovered at the Clothes Show last year, but they were there again this year and I now own two more lovely items by them. It's a bit pricey, but there's a sale on! This red jumper was £58, reduced in the sale to £25!

4) Old Romantic I bought a lovely necklace from here, and my sister got some earrings and a hairband but they also did some gorgeous vintage dresses. Unfortunately they don't sell clothes online, but check it out and remember the name just in case you happen to come across it at a fashion event.

6) Jumpo... now I've had a look and there doesn't seem to be a website for this shop, but they can be found on eBay, and that's where I found this picture. Click on this link to view the details on this auction.

Ok, so that's it guys! The post of all my Clothes Show finds that's now nearly two weeks late.... Sorry about that, it has been a crazy time at school recently. However, school's now out for the winter so expect a ton of posts!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

THE BIG JEWELLERY POST: 12 days of Christmas

hurryyyy! If you hurry up there's still enough time to buy some online Christmas presents! And I would suggest that you buy some jewellery, and here are some of the BEST jewellery sites in the world.
1) Dollipops dollipops oooh dolly dolly dolly dollipops :)
Some yummy stuff on here... Really really want one of these hairslides... and I do love russian dolls!

2) E and A clothing there are some such pretty necklaces on this site... this frame necklace has to be my favourite one although the cash register is a pretty close second!
3) Funky Junk Jewellery mmmm the best thing about this fabbydoodah website is the wide range of adorable necklaces and bracelets. So exciting! This is a rather plain, but very sweet, example but there are some more intricate ones.

4) This Charming Girl again, some little sweeties on this website... my current favourite is this diary locket... I especially love the croc print detail on it!

5) Sugar Fairy Candy Plum some fantastic bargains on this cute little website. And free UK delivery! WOW. This Minnie Mouse bow necklace is only £3 and tres adorable.

6) Diamond in the Sky Boutique I especially like the rings on this site, there's a huge selection and even the option of having your little pressie gift wrapped beautifully! This ring is only £5 as well :o

7) Lemon Flirt WOW this is my absolutement favourite... I love you in every single language on a luxurious chain and a big gold heart. And surprisingly only £9! Actually, you can't have this one, it's miiiine!

8) Loutique this lovelyyy little fan is ultra pretty, and again it has a gorgeous rose detail. Just as described on the necklace, this is a stunning necklace.

9) Ahhh now I know I have expressed my love for the wonders of Temporary:Secretary before, but for my new followers I feel I should mention this brill jewellery site. I would suggest doing the lucky dip, and you're bound to end up with something rather great. 

10) Love Hearts and Crosses right new followers, this is for you. Check out the amazingness of this lovely website NOOOOOOW. I just gave this camera necklace to a friend as a present and it went down rather well, and everything I have ever bought from here has been gorgeous.

11) Some prettiful things over at Kitsch-Tique.... my favourite of them all is this personalised necklace with a snowflake :o sooo laaaavely and festive :)

12) Ji Ji Kiki is a new find and looks gooood :) I love this handmade vintage tv necklace for only £9.