Thursday, 29 October 2009

jewellery's arriveeeeeed :)

so, this post does what it says on the tin: my jewellery has arrived from Love Hearts and Crosses (see previous post) and it's brilliant. I'm so happy with the order, especially because it came free with these extra cute cherry earrings :)

In other news, my sister has rather handily just ordered these little apple studs from Temporary Secretary, which she will let me borrow whether she likes it or not :)
Bye for now! xxx

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

And more documenting.....

So, today I went a bit crazy and bought LOADS. In my defence, all my items were practical, and I know I'll wear them loads, but I admit it was A LOT of stuff. Ok, so this is what I bought: the jumper from H&M, this checked blazer from the Topshop sale, jeans from Topshop, a scarf from H&M and a tee-dress from Zara which I'll show on here later :)
Also, I want to pass on the beautiful jewellery of Temporary Secretary to my beautiful followers. This is another online jewellery store, which sells literally the cutest jewellery I have ever seen. And it gets better, because there's currently a sale on! Here are some of the things available in the sale:

This rock chick necklace is gorgeous, especially the crown detail, and is £8.00 in the sale!

This super cute handcrafted cake ring is so pretty and is also available in pink, and is also just £8 now!

I adore the clock on this Paris themed necklace, and the Eiffel Tower is adorable, and this necklace is £15 in the sale. Personally (when I manage to somehow earn some more money) I'll be buying all three items, and more!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Documenting more outfits :)

Not much new here, except the cardigan, which is the most comfortable thing ever and from Topshop. However it's very, very light and soon I'm going to have to put it away until next Spring :(. Oh, also is this carousel necklace from Love Hearts and Crosses (I swear I don't actually have that much from this shop, I just have a lot of love for the items) which was only around £3.50 without postage and packaging!

Also, can we just take a moment to talk about the amount of Christmas adverts that are already on our screens! It's still October, and as much as I love it due to the fact that it means it's nearly my birthday, I can't help thinking that last month, it was kind of still Summer! Whatever happened to Autumn?!?

Sunday, 25 October 2009

jewellery time :D

Money from yesterday has been burning a whole in my pocket, so I decided it was probably time for me to buy some more jewellery. Here are my purchases: Firstly this beautiful bracelet, which I've been wanting for ages. I love the thorn details, and the pink rose is so pretty. Secondly is this super cool necklace. Both of these items are from Love Hearts and Crosses, if you haven't already, please check out the website ( where you will find some truly gorgeous jewellery and accessories.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Ok, so as I promised, I have more pictures of my outfits :D On Friday night, I went out for dinner with my family and thought I'd experiment a bit with my hair and make-up. Although the harsh wings don't suit me, I really loved the hair and this photo doesn't really do it justice :D I've also raided my mum's wardrobe again, and found this rather lovely velvet jacket, which is now officially my favourite of all the things i've *ahem* borrowed from my mum.
 Also, today I went into town with my friend and we spent quite a while in H&M. It's one of my favourite shops, because it stocks some really nice, edgy clothes for SUCH good value. I bought this outfit:

I was surprised about the fact that this bodycon skirt suited me... but it really did :) Both items are from H&M and together cost just £22. Next on my list is this beautiful and extremely comfy jumper, I LOVE the sequined shoulders.

Playing dress up

Half term has now started!! Expect lots more posts for a week, because no school= more time for blogging :)
So today I was stuck in babysitting, and decided I would do a little dressing up as some of my favourite style icons. The end results were.... interesting.... Here are the pictures:

1)  So this is my verrrrry poor version of Alexa Chung's outfit for the Elle Style Awards in 2008.... ok so I may look nothing like her, but I'm quite impressed with my eye make up: this is the first time I've ever used liquid eyeliner so it's not to bad considering :) I'm wearing Primark shooboots, a Topshop dress, a Zara tutu-style skirt (Zara kids actually, it's my little sister's) and a 'oui' necklace from Love Hearts and Crosses.

2) This me copying a Fearne Cotton look. I love Fearne: she was a kids TV presenter when I was growing up, and I loved how she's changed into such a fashion icon. She's a lot more 'rock chick' than Alexa, and I love all union jack designs so this was a great look for me to replicate. I'm wearing Gina shoes (my mum's), Primark leggings and a dress from another Brighton store that can be found online, Juju.

3) Can I firstly just say that it's now October, and this outfit was bloody freezing! I'm the most happy with how this one turned out, except for the bag and the glasses, but I'm definitely getting some heart sunglasses for next year. I'm wearing Topshop high-waisted shorts (hidden), the Gap stripy top, my mum's blazer from Topshop, a Primark clutch and Primark wayfarer-style sunglasses. I have no idea where the bangles are from, I found them in my tights drawer!

4) Ok, so this one is actually RUBBISH. I really love Katy Perry's retro, out there style but not many items in my wardrobe reflect it. I tried to get the sequins in with a year old sequin beanie worn as a beret, and it just looks.... awful. But this dress, from Mama San, I do love, and the corsage is from god knows where!

Well, that's all, I know most of it was awful but it was so much fun! I think I really just need more clothes if I'm going to do this again....

Friday, 23 October 2009

let's talk Luella

I am officially IN LOVE with Luella. When I first saw the Luella summer collection of 2008 I adored it, and I'm pretty sure that's what got me really interested in fashion. What I loved was the ditsy floral prints and the beautiful, but often simple, cuts, probably the childish side of me coming through.... and while reading Grazia's review of London Fashion Week I came across the spring/summer collection and realised just how brilliant it all was. My favourite thing EVER IN THE WORLD is the heart necklines- keeping with her gorgeous florals, but with the cutest twist, and I'm definitely going to use this way of wearing a bow like that with a top knot. OOH OOH ALSO loving the colour clash with the yellow bow and flowers, the red shoes and the blue eyeliner. Ok, so you get the point. If I had enough money, I would by the whole collection.


Ok, so I'm always posting about love hearts and crosses, and I've now found out that they're part of the amazing bling and buy giveaway! to enter the competition, all you have to do is go here and comment saying your favourite items from the companies involved in the giveaway! Hmmmmm so much choice! It was hard to decide but i think my three favourites are:
1) the gorgeous new tea and cake charm bracelet from funkyjunkjewellery (
2) secondly, these cute owl earrings from love hearts and crosses i've had my eye on these for a while :D
3) finally I adore this gold 'love' necklace from temporary secretary, just like the keyring in sex and the city! The heart charm makes it extra special :)
That was my entry there :) i'm hopeful, but because I am a generous person I'm passing the message on to you guys :) good luck!

Documenting my outfits :)

Ok, so down to the fact I now have two beautiful but INSANE kittens, pictured here, I've been getting behind on the pictures a bit. So, here they are! Firstly, is my new h&m skirt. I loved this when I first saw it, and bought it the second I'd saved enough money (it's only £10!), secondly is an outfit inspired by Fearne Cotton, who I spotted in a magazine wearing a combination of stripes and florals that worked perfectly. Obviously, my version hasn't worked quite as well, but I'd imagine mine cost a lot less :L the top is from gap, and the dress is from mama san, a Brighton shop which, usefully, also has an online site. Also, I didn't notice until just know that Fearne is wearing hers with boots quite similar to mine :) Thirdly is a quick shot showing you my beret, and finally is my favourite new outfit! I love how 80s it is: the skirt I got from American Apparel last year, the crop top is from Topshop, and the spotty shoes I bought from a Camper outlet in Majorca three years ago and just rediscovered: this is the first time I wore them ever! They rub A LOT, but I think with this outfit it's worth it :) WOW long post :D

i <3 sales

I love all sales, but I've always hated the way the beautiful clothes in the end of summer sales are useless for around 9 months, ie until next summer. That's why the mid season sales are my favourite :)
I noticed with my last polyvore set that it was a wee bit too small, so if anyone has any queries about where to find the items feel free to comment asking.

Monday, 19 October 2009

New look :D

What do you think? Decided it was time for a new look, but unfortunately it seems to have messed up the font a bit.. Anyway, recently I've been really wanting to go back to Paris. I would say that it is my favourite place to go IN THE WORLD. Apparently there's something called a recession, so I'm having to postpone the begging my parents until next year. So, i decided that the next best thing would be a polyvore set :D tell me what you think :) the ballet shoes i LOVE and am definitely going to buy, i already have a grey beret (in my opinion better than this one, but it's from a Brighton shop), and i adore the Urban Outfitters wallet, but at £24 it's a wee bit out of my price range. I think I may wait until it goes in the sale.....

Sunday, 18 October 2009


ok, so i hadnt actually finished the last post before publishing it..... basically i was excited for two reasons: one is that i've now discovered , an amazing vintage online store which i LOVE, and two because a beyond retro store has opened in brighton! i'll be checking it out as soon as i get the chance and uploading pictures :D i bet you can't wait :) the picture above is off an item from rokit which i love, i actually need to quench my thirst for tartan (ok, freaky metaphor) and this would do the trick perfectly :) hmmmm £50 though.... NEED MORE MONEY :(

OK.... majorly excited!!

so, i'd love to have more vintage clothes but, despite being considered as, like, one of the most fashionable cities in england, brighton is reasonably lackluster when it comes to charity shop finds: generally it's limited to size 22 clothes, harry potter novels and old man shoes, ie rubbish stuff. also, i'm sadly not one of those people who can just wear anything vintage, no matter how long or big for them, and look amazing in it. on me it tends to look awful... probably due to the fact my body has an actual shape, and i'm the same size as most 12 year olds. anyway, i think i may give up with this whole blogging thing, cos i have like one follower (hi, by the way (: )


Ok, for ages I've been searching for the perfect jeans: they have to be distressed with rips, skinny and not designed just for,like, sticks. I'd given up, but then.... HALLELUJAH i found some absolutely perfect ones! hmmm, they appear to be £40. dilemma.... i'll have to save up :D ideally, they'd be slightly acid washed as well, but i realise that my legs will just look like two big fat denim sausages in them then, so i've had to let go of that dream. However, these ones are pretty darn great :)

OH YEAH also before i forget, that stuff i ordered from this charming girl? yeah, i got an email a week after i placed the order, telling me that the items i'd ordered where actually out of stock. yup, both of them. so not great really :L