Monday, 28 September 2009

Help me!

Seriously, NO ONE is following me. That's right I have NO followers, not one :( It's really depressing, but you know what? I'm going to keep on posting, despite the fact that no one will see my cute jewellery shop finds, or my cool new looks, or my tips for saving money for shopping, so anyone who happens to accidentally click on this website, PLEASEEEE add me. It doesn't matter if you have no interest in fashion. I know how this site works, you could be following me and not have to have anything to do with me, but I'm optimistically thinking that I don't have followers because no one wants to be the first one.... or maybe the only person that this is interesting is me D: anyway, just got my monthly money and I decided that what I really needed was some more jewellery :P So my new find is This Charming Girl, which is quite similar to Love Hearts and Crosses, but with a much more vintage style. So this is what I bought- some teapot earrings for £8 and this extra cute NY apple necklace for only £7.50. I'm very excited, but it could, as it has before, gone wrong! I'll update all my many followers *sighhhhhhh* about how it all turns out when they arrive.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


So, about A YEAR ago I saw this dress in Grazia and actually fell in love with it, but it was £50!!!! I still loved the website, pretaportobello and so kept checking back on it and one day, I was looking in the Bargain Bin and what did I discover? My dress, now only £40! The price kept getting lower and lower and now it's only £25 so I'm incredibly happy! However, now that I can actually afford it I need to be realistic, and it won't suit me :( but now you guys know about it, so feel free :D

Just going out.

I fancied wearing something really cosy, so put on my crop top and went for a very 80s look. Also decided to experiment with jewellery so did a kind of DIY charm necklace using all my most worn necklaces and I think it turned out quite well! And, these are my other new shoes, which are great cos they work for school, dressy and casual!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

New outfitttt :)

Soooooooo today was my Mum's birthday and in the evening we went out so I thought I'd experiment some more with the boots :D Wearing dress from topshop bought around 6 months ago, good ol' m&s tights and the boots from office. Also though I'd have a bit of fun with my make-up. The problem with my face is that every feature on it is big, meaning that even with very little make-up I tend to look a bit like I'm trying too hard to be sexy.... as was the case with this look where I tried wearing a bit more eyeliner with bigger winged sections and some berry lipgloss which (very unhygeinically) I found buried deep down in my make-up drawer :P

More info on new boots :D

Can I just say, I'm really pleased with these boots in case you haven't noticed ;) but I think it's because I'm quite proud of myself for having the confidence to wear them. So, this is a picture of me looking probably a bit too grungy wearing my Coldplay men's tour t-shirt, my Asda leggings (still holding up nicely) and THE boots. In future, I'm thinking wear of them with one of my more girly dresses will look more fashionable, and I'll probably feel less self conscious. In a way, I know it's fine but the second I leave the house all the teenage insecurities take over and I spend the whole day wishing I was wearing something less out-there. Anyway, turning too much into a thoughts and feelings journal so I'll be off now :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

London babyyyy ;)

The day after Coldplay, I spent the day in London and was pleased to see that Selfridges now has concessions from Office and Fred Perry, ie shops I can actually afford! So, in Office I bought two pairs of shoes; some cool new patent jazz shoes for school and some AWESOME leather workman-y, Doc Marten-y style boots which I LOVE! I was very happy to get my first ever Selfridges bag which I carried proudly along Oxford Street for about a minute before realising it was actually quite a hassle having to carry this huge bag around one of the busiest streets EVER. Anyway, this is my reasonably simple outfit, consisting of my school bag and school shoes, a chambray shirt that is almost vintage (it belongs to my dad, and I've never seen him wear it so it's at least 14 years old), and surprisingly good quality leggings from Asda, although I have to say the sizing is a bit wierd. My size 8s are quite tight, but so long that i can reach them up to my neck! Not quite sure what genius was behind this idea :/ Anyway, so note about the picture- please ignore my hair, which has almost completely dried naturally making it look terrible :S


So, on Friday I went to the Coldplay gig at Wembley and it was the best performance I have ever seen, Chris Martin often gets seen as a bit of a bastard, but his frontman performance seemed to contrast completely with this! You could tell he loved being there, and really did make what could've been just a great gig into a spectacular show. My highlight was the confetti butterflies that were blasted into the air during the last song, then fluttered down onto all the spectators. Yes, I realise I sound like I'm writing an English essay, but it really was quite magical :)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

My polyvore set...

I've always admired Scarlett Johansson, probably because as a more curvy girl myself I love how she takes on the high fashion looks and adapts them to suit her figure. So I made a collage of a take on one of her looks, which I'm quite proud of actually :) just wish more people who used the website were english, because so many of the great bargains come from shops like forever21 or American Eagle..... Once again I find myself wishing I was born in the USA. Still, at least I have clear images in my head of styles to try out for when I'm out shopping.

WOW great deal

I'm always lusting after floral dresses, and you can guarantee floral prints are going to be around for quite a while longer, so getting one now in the sale is a great money saving technique! My favourite is this one from
only, which is only (haha, i'm so funny :)) £13.95. It's a great colour, a great price and I'm loving the vintage-style cut.

New school year's resolution

Right, from now on I have decided to take my camera EVERYWHERE with me. Everytime I go out, some major event that needs to be photographed occurs and 99% of the time I don't have my camera with me. Not anymore! Expect more picture blogs soon :)

Almost that time of year again!

Just ordered my Clothes Show Live tickets, and I can't wait to go. The event in Birmingham this year runs from 4-9 December, which really is too long away to be thinking about but I can't help myself! I love everything about the clothes show; finding cute little shops that I would never have heard of before, an amazing catwalk show and the great deals- last year I managed to pick up a pair of good quality jeans, a white t-shirt and a belt for just £5! It really is the perfect event for someone like me (meaning someone who is ridiculously poor but loves fashion).

LOVING love hearts and crosses!

My favourite place for jewellery is love hearts and crosses, a company based in England but that does international shipping. Their collection of brooches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets are gorgeous and everything is always packaged gorgeously. My favourite items are this Alice in Wonderland necklace (£12), owl earrings (£12) and tiger bangle (£15).

ok, let's see how this goes...

As a 14 year old girl obsessed with fashion, I spend a lot of time scouring the web for clothes, jewellery and shoes, but my generally moneyless state means I spend very little time buying. The second my allowance comes in, I spend it on one of the many, many items I've been researching, and then immediately continue to look. One of my favourite places to look was on fashion blogs, however it seemed to be impossible to find a blog about UK high street fashion on a small budget. Then, the idea came to me to start my own! So here it goes, elle about apparel, a blog about just that.