Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Vintaaaaage, darling

Following my last post about Vintage festival, I decided to share with you some of the gorgeous vintage websites I've found online, because there's a few.

Firstly, Rokit.
There's eeeeeverything on Rokit, from leather trousers to soda syphons!
My favourite category is the playsuits/jumpsuit... so many lovely vintage items.

From top to bottom, prices are £35, £50 and £60.

Next up, Love Miss Daisy: the best place to go for 50s dresses. Here are my three favourites:

The bottom dress is my favourite, but is actually Laura Ashley from the 80s!
From top to bottom, the prices are £85, £75, £69.
I've heard that they also do some pretty stunning wedding dresses, but being 15, under no circumstances have I lusted over them. *ahem*. No way.

Freudian Slips Vintage has THE MOST AMAZING hair accessory I've ever seen:
This 1930s garland is so pretty, it would be perfect for a festival.
I also love this schoolgirl-style gingham dress, £95.

Revival is the best place to go for floral dresses, my favourite being this 70s maxi:
And it's only £22!

I love the print on this 70s sundress, which is also incredibly good value at just £18! Wow!

Yessssss this one is my favourite, probably due to my immature inclination for all things pink. It's 80s and is again a cheap £30!

Well, I hope you all go out and support these fabby little websites! See you soon :)

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