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Monday, 22 February 2010

back from egypt...

... and feeling chilly. It's around 30 degrees there and I'm not loving the temperature change. However, the holiday was definitely an education for me. I can't believe how different everything is over there.

That leads me on very nicely and *ahem* completely accidentally to my next point. Watching the Baftas last night, I really enjoyed watching the excerpts of 'An Education'. Not only did they make me laugh, but also I loooooved Carey Mulligan's wardrobe. Before now, I've been a firm follower of the 50s and the 80s but the costume design in this film has led me to a new love for all things 60s!

Sooo I decided to do a get the look style thingy of some of the looks from the film.
Oh how I love a nice duffle coat! You can find a similar one in Topshop for £70.

These relatively simple earrings add class and maturity to the look, and work really well with a classic 60s beehive! This pair are from Miss Selfridge and cost just £6.

I just love this photo in general, especially the coordination with Carey and Rosamund's outfits. You can get a coat just like Rosamund Pike's from Motel for £110. A bit pricey compared to the clothes I usually feature but I figure it's an investment: faux fur coats always look sophisticated, and on the odd occassion when they do fall out of fashion you can rest assured with the knowledge that Vogue will announce a fur comeback very soon.

Finally, the beautiful dress that Carey wears while visiting Paris... The blue looks gorgeous on her and I'm a firm and loyal believer in all things floral! Topshop currently have several floral skater dresses in stock, this one with lilac rosebuds (£32) is my favourite, and definitely on my summer wishlist!
Right well I'm off to huddle in a corner with a duvet and a hot water bottle now! xxx

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