Monday, 15 March 2010

iiiiiiii want candy

argh sorry, this blog has got a bit more sparse but I'm having a really busy few weeks, and I'm feeling quite ill so I rarely have any free time :(
Okay, moan over, and you know what cheered me up?
and not the type with calories either!
I lurrrrve this jewellery trend for all things sweet at the moment. It's just so cute and kitsch! As always, I'll bring what, in my opinion, is the best of the bunch!
This ice cream necklace from Love Hearts and Crosses is sooo gorgeous and I love how realistic it looks! It's also available in strawberry, but I always prefer the classic vanilla. And it costs only £10. Simply perfection :)

Ohhhh I do so badly need these liquorice allsort earrings from Pennydog on etsy! I mean, sure I've been living fine without them all this time but now I've seen them, if I don't have them who knows what will happen?!?! The prices on Etsy are all in dollars, but it works out to around £12 which is a bargain for these unique pair!

This necklace brilliantly combines two obsessions of mine: sweets, and lockets! Oh and bows. And jewellery. Ok, so three obsessions of mine. (God, I have my fair share of obsessions don't I?!)It costs £18, but trust me if you look on Me and Zena, you'll end up spending a lot more as there are many pretty things!

Our second item on the agenda:
I need your help!
I've been spending wayyy to much money lately, money I don't really have, and I things I (I can hardly bring myself to say this) don't really need.
Recently I've bought two high-waisted skirts, and there's always a steady flow of shoe and necklace purchases.
So I've compiled a list of things I DO N0T NEED. Kind of like an anti-shopping list. And if I ever blog, or tweet (follow here) or mention anything about purchasing an item on this list, you must force me to take it back IMMEDIATELY. Then I will have lots of money saved up so I can buy *ahem* more clothes :P
1) Skirts. I have six high-waisted skirts. And I don't even wear them that much, I mostly just wear...
2) Dresses. I'm not even going to count how many dresses I have but some of the nicest ones I haven't even worn ONCE this year.
3) Jewellery. It pains me to say it, but I think I may have enough jewellery to last me at least this month a loooong time.
4) Tights... I have floral tights, lace tights, coloured tights yet I still just wear black opaques! From now on, my choice is boring black, or ones I already own.
5) Jeans (my two pairs do me just fine, and I hardly ever wear them so that's ENOUGH)

There's probably a lot more stuff I don't need any more of, so expect the list to grow over the next few days :)

Thank you for your help! :D xxx

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