Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bells and whistles! (without the bells)

I am enamoured by Whistles new collection. If only I could afford any of it. They've brilliantly adapted all of the best catwalk trends for us plebs,however my favourite two are their sporty chic and nautical. Here's why:
I loooove the cut, and the pockets and it's just the kind of dress that would look good with everything! The zigzag stripes update it, and as you can see it looks cool with just plimsolls and tied back hair!

I would be guilty of visual abuse if I wore these shorts, but for the taller, slimmer people out there they're perfect!

I looove the simplicity of this jumper dress, and the contrast of the orange and grey is great! The thing about sporty trends is that I tend to feel a bit of a fraud, giving how I do approximately 5 minutes of sport every week, but this dress is just sporty enough, without looking like I'm actually about to exercise! This blue dress is also perfect, and is my favourite of the bunch which is really saying something. I don't even know whether it would count as sporty, but in my opinion it is: the zip, the elasticated waist and the loose material mean it definitely qualifies as sporty chic in my books. What do you think?

As well as these gorgeous, bang on-trend dresses, Whistles also do loads of other lovelies to tempt us all!

With the risk of sounding like the PR for Whistles, I urge you, if you have the money, BUY STUFF!

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