Tuesday, 22 September 2009

London babyyyy ;)

The day after Coldplay, I spent the day in London and was pleased to see that Selfridges now has concessions from Office and Fred Perry, ie shops I can actually afford! So, in Office I bought two pairs of shoes; some cool new patent jazz shoes for school and some AWESOME leather workman-y, Doc Marten-y style boots which I LOVE! I was very happy to get my first ever Selfridges bag which I carried proudly along Oxford Street for about a minute before realising it was actually quite a hassle having to carry this huge bag around one of the busiest streets EVER. Anyway, this is my reasonably simple outfit, consisting of my school bag and school shoes, a chambray shirt that is almost vintage (it belongs to my dad, and I've never seen him wear it so it's at least 14 years old), and surprisingly good quality leggings from Asda, although I have to say the sizing is a bit wierd. My size 8s are quite tight, but so long that i can reach them up to my neck! Not quite sure what genius was behind this idea :/ Anyway, so note about the picture- please ignore my hair, which has almost completely dried naturally making it look terrible :S

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