Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More info on new boots :D

Can I just say, I'm really pleased with these boots in case you haven't noticed ;) but I think it's because I'm quite proud of myself for having the confidence to wear them. So, this is a picture of me looking probably a bit too grungy wearing my Coldplay men's tour t-shirt, my Asda leggings (still holding up nicely) and THE boots. In future, I'm thinking wear of them with one of my more girly dresses will look more fashionable, and I'll probably feel less self conscious. In a way, I know it's fine but the second I leave the house all the teenage insecurities take over and I spend the whole day wishing I was wearing something less out-there. Anyway, turning too much into a thoughts and feelings journal so I'll be off now :)

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