Friday, 29 January 2010

Christmas time (sorry for the delay!!!!!)

I'm bored of Winter now. Bring on the Summer.

Ok, so I finally sourced my camera, memory card and card reader so I can post about my Christmas presents.... However, it's so embarrassingly late that I'm going to call it a post on my New Year's present. (Don't tell!)

I had a very clothes and jewellery-orientated Christmas New Year, and I love them all! Mostly because they were all complete surprises.

Firstly, I got a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet with some laaavely charms. I don't have an actual picture, but this is the exact same bracelet with all the same charms.
Next up some gorgeous brogues, from Oasis. They go really well with my heart tights in my opinion, as a contrast between girlyness and masculinity.

FINALLY my beautiful new watch! It's a Toy Watch and this was the biggest surprise because I literally had no idea that I was even going to get a watch, let alone a Toy Watch that I've been lusting over for yeaaaaars.

I also got some floral tights, a ring and some floral pumps from my friends :D

I also got some interesting make-up. It's glittery! As you may be able to see, it's hard for precision but this was New Year's Eve so I thought I'd go out with it like this :)

Ooh ooh also my aunt and uncle got this amazing hat from River Island for me for Christmas, which due to the snow I wore A LOT.

I've got sooo much more to say, but I'll leave it for another day! Bye for now :) xxx

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