Friday, 8 January 2010

Is it just me or...

... is 2010 set to be a terrible year for trends for anyone without model-like proportions???
According to Grazia magazine, these are just some of the major fashion trends we should be wearing this season:
1) Lycra. The highlight being crop tops inspired by those worn by pre-pubescent girls for school pe.

Nicole Farhi, top, Alexander Wang, bottom.

Having said that though, the rest of Alexander Wang's collection is looking a lot better... some lovely layering and brilliant sweatshirts.

2) Bumbags.... surely enough said? I personally have enough weight on my behind without adding some huge bag to it!

Although, if I did have to wear a bumbag I'd want it to be Louis Vuitton.... this brown leather one has almost convinced me! (Emphasis on the almost)

3) Short shorts... and I mean REALLY short shorts.

These lovely ladies modeling for Stella McCartney (top) and Giambattista Valli (bottom) look gorgeously giraffe-like... but anyone with even slightly chunkier or shorter legs will just look like some kind of sausage thing.

Well I think that's enough grumbling for one day... or maybe even for the rest of the year! This has been the most negative blogpost ever to make it onto the blogosphere... However, the high street designers have a way of making these things a bit more wearable, so I'll reserve my final judgement until the stores show their takes on them for us common people. Anyway, let's end with the trends to look forward to wearing:

1) Grungey nail varnish... the shade of the season for a/w 09 was Chanel Jade, and this season Chanel seems set to start another trend with their new shade, Chanel Particuliere. As seen on Lily Allen performing ON . THE. CATWALK. Nicknamed 'greige', it's already got a huge waiting list but I have faith in the British high street, there will soon be hundreds of shades of greige available for our convenience.

2) Clashing prints, OMG they were seen literally EVERYWHEREEE. The highlights for me being Christopher Kane (top) and Etro (middle) , who clashed checks and florals using floaty materials, and Rebecca Taylor (bottom) mixed her ditsy florals with ditsy polka dots.

Oh oh oh before I go I have to share this beauty tip from my friend... putting a few sprays of perfume in damp hair makes you smell like an angel all day! :)

See you all soon, have fun in the snow xxx

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