Saturday, 9 January 2010

rrrrrrrrrrrrrring rrrrrrrrrrrrring

There seems to be a sudden flurry of phone jewellery appearing! Not that I'm complaining, it's the ultimate piece of kitsch jewellery.

These lovelies are from Temporary:Secretary... I love how the receiver is detachable! Sooo cute. Personally, my favourite is the silver, to match my new charm bracelet (there will be a post about Christmas presents soon, but I left the adapter for the memory card at my grandma's in Manchester ): ) and I will be purchasing it ASAP. £18.

These adorable little 50s telephone earrings (left, £5) and ring (right, £6) are from Ji Ji Kiki... I don't see what's wrong with getting the entire set and then just mixing and matching!

Ahhh another beautiful vintage style telephone... this one's £10 from Asos.

I love the fact that not only does this necklace have a retro-style telephone charm, but also a kitsch postcard charm! Ah LOVE IT. £12.99, Mama San.

Call me! (aha, again with the unnecessary cheesy joke :P) xx

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