Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I am the music man...

Hmmm I can't decide whether the fact that I play the piano means it would be too geeky for me to own some music themed items... actually I don't even care. I'll be a complete geek anyway.

This Temporary:Secretary piano ring is the perfect quick fix for this trend, at only £5.

Hmmm, I may have mentioned my love of jumper dresses before once or twice? This dress from Asos catches three birds with one stone: it's a lovely jumper dress, it's got a pretty little musical note on it and it's got SEQUINS!

I loooove this crop top from Topshop, for £14. Simple design and colours, and I know I'd get a lot of use out of it. Buy oversized and wear as a normal top, or wear as a crop top layered with a vest or high-waisted skirt.

This guitar necks tee from Truffle Shuffle (£24.99) is for men, but I think it would look great as a dress if bought in a large size.

This Diesel Black Gold scarf from Asos was £50... but it's been reduced in the sales to £38! I love it when this happens, as you're getting something with expensive quality for over £10 less. I know it's a bit hard to see, but the design is a music score.
Right, well I'm off to buy all these things, see you soon my lovelies :) xxx

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