Monday, 21 December 2009

spree vs steal

Oh, I do love a good spree vs steal article: the idea of getting something designer, or more expensive, for a lot less money. What's not to love?
1) I've had my eye on this Wildfox t-shirt for aaaaages now, I love the simple motif and style.

But now, I've found this cheaper alternative, and I think I may prefer the perfume bottle feature, and it has padded shoulders! But most importantly, while the Wildfox version is £60, this one from Yogo Ego is only £15!

2) The classic Chanel quilt bag, iconic, luxurious, instantly recognisable, and.... expensive! But this AWear bag is such a great alternative for those of us unable to afford the original, and I love the contrasting colours. And it's only £8! I'm certainly putting an order in.

3) Oh, Luella, Luella Luella. Everyone remembers the beautiful floral designs of Spring/Summer 09, and now you can get your hands on one... well not exactly, but this Oasis dress is a pretty good alternative, especially as it looks like it'll be a lot more flattering and wearable than the original. The Oasis dress is only £25 in the sale, but grab it quickly because I don't think it'll be around for too long.

4) Oh, I do love this nail varnish colour. The problem is, it costs around £50 to get hold of. BUT you can get the EXACT SAME COLOUR from Barry M for £2.95. And I should know, I got it for Christmas. Now, you need a couple of coats as it's quite light, but the end result is very Chanel.
5) I love this duck ring from Topshop... but no way do I want to spend £16 on it! That's why this Temporary:Secretary one is perfect! And it's only £5 as well! Perfect!

6) I really like the idea of a 'love' pendant, and this Swarovski silver one is perfect.. if you have £78 to spend. If not, try this Topshop alternative, with swallow details.


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  1. thanks for your comment on my blog!
    and I really love the quilted bags!!
    too bad I can't buy them anywhere in holland.. :(