Tuesday, 15 December 2009

THE BIG JEWELLERY POST: 12 days of Christmas

hurryyyy! If you hurry up there's still enough time to buy some online Christmas presents! And I would suggest that you buy some jewellery, and here are some of the BEST jewellery sites in the world.
1) Dollipops dollipops oooh dolly dolly dolly dollipops :)
Some yummy stuff on here... Really really want one of these hairslides... and I do love russian dolls!

2) E and A clothing there are some such pretty necklaces on this site... this frame necklace has to be my favourite one although the cash register is a pretty close second!
3) Funky Junk Jewellery mmmm the best thing about this fabbydoodah website is the wide range of adorable necklaces and bracelets. So exciting! This is a rather plain, but very sweet, example but there are some more intricate ones.

4) This Charming Girl again, some little sweeties on this website... my current favourite is this diary locket... I especially love the croc print detail on it!

5) Sugar Fairy Candy Plum some fantastic bargains on this cute little website. And free UK delivery! WOW. This Minnie Mouse bow necklace is only £3 and tres adorable.

6) Diamond in the Sky Boutique I especially like the rings on this site, there's a huge selection and even the option of having your little pressie gift wrapped beautifully! This ring is only £5 as well :o

7) Lemon Flirt WOW this is my absolutement favourite... I love you in every single language on a luxurious chain and a big gold heart. And surprisingly only £9! Actually, you can't have this one, it's miiiine!

8) Loutique this lovelyyy little fan is ultra pretty, and again it has a gorgeous rose detail. Just as described on the necklace, this is a stunning necklace.

9) Ahhh now I know I have expressed my love for the wonders of Temporary:Secretary before, but for my new followers I feel I should mention this brill jewellery site. I would suggest doing the lucky dip, and you're bound to end up with something rather great. 

10) Love Hearts and Crosses right new followers, this is for you. Check out the amazingness of this lovely website NOOOOOOW. I just gave this camera necklace to a friend as a present and it went down rather well, and everything I have ever bought from here has been gorgeous.

11) Some prettiful things over at Kitsch-Tique.... my favourite of them all is this personalised necklace with a snowflake :o sooo laaaavely and festive :)

12) Ji Ji Kiki is a new find and looks gooood :) I love this handmade vintage tv necklace for only £9.


  1. Hi lovely!

    Thanks so much for including me on your blog... you should have told me!!

    Hope you have a fab Christmas!

    Dollipops xxx

  2. This is an awesome Christmas Guide!
    Merry christmas, supergirl!
    And keep us posted with your blog updates xxxxx

  3. Thanks for the mention!! fab blog! Ive only just seen it now!! xxx