Tuesday, 1 December 2009


As it's now the 1st of December I think I should officially write out my christmas list... well some of it anyway, I can't even keep track of all the things I want myself!
1) New schoolbag: My one is literally in tatters now, loooooving this one from Yumi but I'll see what treasures the Clothes Show brings :)

2) Miss Dior Cherie... any long term followers will already know about my love for this perfume and ad campaign :)
3) mmmmm my mouth's watering just thinking about it! This Cupcake Kit has been top of my list for a long, long time and I'm really hoping someone's got it for meeee :)

4) neeeeeed earrings, otherwise my ears are going to CLOSE UP. These ones are tres pretty, especially in blue (hint hint....)

5) I already have the red version of this Barry M nail glitter... A friend of mine came up with an idea: if I buy the green as well then I can create the ultimate Christmas look!

6) OKAYYYYY this list is getting a bit more unrealistic. Look at the beauty of this Karen Millen bag. I know, it's amazing is it not?
7) Ankle booties :) all I want for christmas is youuuuu. These ones are from Topshop and rather pricey but SOOO WORTH ITTTT
8) Mmmmm more Topshop stuff.... and how comfy does this thing look? And tres chic, even if I do say so myself :D

9) Lastly, TIGHTS. Right, I'll be brief because in reality there are hundreds of patterned tights that I want.

Right, now you all go off and buy it all for me ;) love you all xxx

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