Saturday, 19 December 2009


Right, so Thursday was my 15th birthday and I got to open all my Clothes Show clothes as well as a few surprises. Here's some of my outfits, made up entirely of brand new clothes!

The dress is from Darimeya, the bag is vintage, the necklace and the bracelet are from a school company, and the tights are from Topshop. I also went to get my haircut, and I do not like it AT ALL. I tried to mess it up a bit, but it reminds me of my hair when I was 12, which is never a good thing. So here's my evening outfit, with a H&M necklace, Darimeya cardigan, H&M lace skirt and the same tights. I LOVE this new necklace, I think it'll be really good for hardening up a cutesy outfit. I realise it's a bit hard to make out, so here's a close up.

Yes, it's a massive safety pin! Love it.
Also, the nail varnish is my new favorite colour. It's Rimmel with lycra, and takes a very long time to dry but I LOVE the colour and it's long lasting.

I also got this Topshop cardigan, which is really practical and I love the stag design.

This is a picture of some of my new jewellery. The duck earrings are from Topshop, the anchor bracelet is from Accessorize, the scrabble necklace is the one from the school company, the flower and anchor earrings are from Topshop, as is the necklace.
Ahhh well that was a long post! And I still haven't worn all of my new clothes so more to come!
I'll write again soon!


  1. You are such a stylish girly!
    I wish i was that fashionable when i was 14/15!

    Love your collection of accessories! Can never have too many accessories! Keep that jewellery box topped up! xxxx

  2. Your blog is amazing- such pretty pictures!
    If you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep up the great blog :)