Monday, 30 November 2009

yumi <3

the story about how I came across this such cute brand is a rather good one. I was in Crete when I saw this beautiful 50s style dress shining from a shop window. You have to understand, I wasn't exactly in the fashion central of Greece, most of the shops were really cute little touristy shops selling fans and natural sponges and stuff so I did an actual double-take when I saw this little shop. My mum and I investigated and the shop was like a Tardis: once I went in I realised it went waaaaaay back into the houses. Anyway, I looked around and all I could see was rows and rows of pretty dresses.... it was heaven! So unfortunately they were too expensive so I went back to the UK dressless, but I remembered the name, and googled it and WOW it's brilliant so now I get to show it to you lovely people :)
Can I just say, you have NO IDEA how hard it is to choose just a few examples of the clothes available to put on here, but I do try my best...

the only problem is the price: from top to bottom: £64.95, £64.95, £64.95, £69.95.
BUT here's the solution....

these two are in the sale and :O they're only £24.95, aren't I a genius?! :)
right, tara for now :D xx

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  1. I love the look of that pretty glitter nail paint! And ZOMG I have those topshop boots in black, they are so gorgeous and totally worth the money! xx