Sunday, 18 October 2009


Ok, for ages I've been searching for the perfect jeans: they have to be distressed with rips, skinny and not designed just for,like, sticks. I'd given up, but then.... HALLELUJAH i found some absolutely perfect ones! hmmm, they appear to be £40. dilemma.... i'll have to save up :D ideally, they'd be slightly acid washed as well, but i realise that my legs will just look like two big fat denim sausages in them then, so i've had to let go of that dream. However, these ones are pretty darn great :)

OH YEAH also before i forget, that stuff i ordered from this charming girl? yeah, i got an email a week after i placed the order, telling me that the items i'd ordered where actually out of stock. yup, both of them. so not great really :L

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