Monday, 19 October 2009

New look :D

What do you think? Decided it was time for a new look, but unfortunately it seems to have messed up the font a bit.. Anyway, recently I've been really wanting to go back to Paris. I would say that it is my favourite place to go IN THE WORLD. Apparently there's something called a recession, so I'm having to postpone the begging my parents until next year. So, i decided that the next best thing would be a polyvore set :D tell me what you think :) the ballet shoes i LOVE and am definitely going to buy, i already have a grey beret (in my opinion better than this one, but it's from a Brighton shop), and i adore the Urban Outfitters wallet, but at £24 it's a wee bit out of my price range. I think I may wait until it goes in the sale.....


  1. i love all french accessories and clothes
    i have this top with the eiffel tower on for only £10
    you can get really cute french accessories from accessorize

  2. good point. Also, don't you just LOVE the ballet shoes, they're soooo pretty :) xxx