Saturday, 24 October 2009

Playing dress up

Half term has now started!! Expect lots more posts for a week, because no school= more time for blogging :)
So today I was stuck in babysitting, and decided I would do a little dressing up as some of my favourite style icons. The end results were.... interesting.... Here are the pictures:

1)  So this is my verrrrry poor version of Alexa Chung's outfit for the Elle Style Awards in 2008.... ok so I may look nothing like her, but I'm quite impressed with my eye make up: this is the first time I've ever used liquid eyeliner so it's not to bad considering :) I'm wearing Primark shooboots, a Topshop dress, a Zara tutu-style skirt (Zara kids actually, it's my little sister's) and a 'oui' necklace from Love Hearts and Crosses.

2) This me copying a Fearne Cotton look. I love Fearne: she was a kids TV presenter when I was growing up, and I loved how she's changed into such a fashion icon. She's a lot more 'rock chick' than Alexa, and I love all union jack designs so this was a great look for me to replicate. I'm wearing Gina shoes (my mum's), Primark leggings and a dress from another Brighton store that can be found online, Juju.

3) Can I firstly just say that it's now October, and this outfit was bloody freezing! I'm the most happy with how this one turned out, except for the bag and the glasses, but I'm definitely getting some heart sunglasses for next year. I'm wearing Topshop high-waisted shorts (hidden), the Gap stripy top, my mum's blazer from Topshop, a Primark clutch and Primark wayfarer-style sunglasses. I have no idea where the bangles are from, I found them in my tights drawer!

4) Ok, so this one is actually RUBBISH. I really love Katy Perry's retro, out there style but not many items in my wardrobe reflect it. I tried to get the sequins in with a year old sequin beanie worn as a beret, and it just looks.... awful. But this dress, from Mama San, I do love, and the corsage is from god knows where!

Well, that's all, I know most of it was awful but it was so much fun! I think I really just need more clothes if I'm going to do this again....


  1. Love this post! Really creative and I love the Fearne Cotton style.

  2. Thanks, yeah Fearne's my favourite too

  3. i love the alexa chung one
    that dress is beauts
    and the shoes are great
    i also love the blazer and shorts :D

  4. yeah, i'm very jealous of my mum about that blazer :)