Saturday, 24 October 2009


Ok, so as I promised, I have more pictures of my outfits :D On Friday night, I went out for dinner with my family and thought I'd experiment a bit with my hair and make-up. Although the harsh wings don't suit me, I really loved the hair and this photo doesn't really do it justice :D I've also raided my mum's wardrobe again, and found this rather lovely velvet jacket, which is now officially my favourite of all the things i've *ahem* borrowed from my mum.
 Also, today I went into town with my friend and we spent quite a while in H&M. It's one of my favourite shops, because it stocks some really nice, edgy clothes for SUCH good value. I bought this outfit:

I was surprised about the fact that this bodycon skirt suited me... but it really did :) Both items are from H&M and together cost just £22. Next on my list is this beautiful and extremely comfy jumper, I LOVE the sequined shoulders.


  1. i love the jumper
    its very practical but looks great
    i deffinatly think you should get it

  2. Haha thank you daniella... i will get it next time we go into town, definitely xx