Tuesday, 27 October 2009

And more documenting.....

So, today I went a bit crazy and bought LOADS. In my defence, all my items were practical, and I know I'll wear them loads, but I admit it was A LOT of stuff. Ok, so this is what I bought: the jumper from H&M, this checked blazer from the Topshop sale, jeans from Topshop, a scarf from H&M and a tee-dress from Zara which I'll show on here later :)
Also, I want to pass on the beautiful jewellery of Temporary Secretary to my beautiful followers. This is another online jewellery store, which sells literally the cutest jewellery I have ever seen. And it gets better, because there's currently a sale on! Here are some of the things available in the sale:

This rock chick necklace is gorgeous, especially the crown detail, and is £8.00 in the sale!

This super cute handcrafted cake ring is so pretty and is also available in pink, and is also just £8 now!

I adore the clock on this Paris themed necklace, and the Eiffel Tower is adorable, and this necklace is £15 in the sale. Personally (when I manage to somehow earn some more money) I'll be buying all three items, and more!

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  1. Ah I LOVE Temporary Secretary stuff, it's the cutest stuff ever! :)