Friday, 23 October 2009

Documenting my outfits :)

Ok, so down to the fact I now have two beautiful but INSANE kittens, pictured here, I've been getting behind on the pictures a bit. So, here they are! Firstly, is my new h&m skirt. I loved this when I first saw it, and bought it the second I'd saved enough money (it's only £10!), secondly is an outfit inspired by Fearne Cotton, who I spotted in a magazine wearing a combination of stripes and florals that worked perfectly. Obviously, my version hasn't worked quite as well, but I'd imagine mine cost a lot less :L the top is from gap, and the dress is from mama san, a Brighton shop which, usefully, also has an online site. Also, I didn't notice until just know that Fearne is wearing hers with boots quite similar to mine :) Thirdly is a quick shot showing you my beret, and finally is my favourite new outfit! I love how 80s it is: the skirt I got from American Apparel last year, the crop top is from Topshop, and the spotty shoes I bought from a Camper outlet in Majorca three years ago and just rediscovered: this is the first time I wore them ever! They rub A LOT, but I think with this outfit it's worth it :) WOW long post :D


  1. awwww. kitty cats are so cute. i have a squishy face persian who has well and truly converted me to "cat lady".

    i see that you are a fashion girl! I've just graduated as a Fashion student from northumbria uni, so i thought you'd like to see my portfolio

    the 3 images on the homepage are clickable.

    Hope u like!

    HAVE A GRRRREAT WEEKEND, supergirl! x

  2. wow... those illustrations are truly beautiful, i especially like the love letter ones :) yeah, mine are burmese kittens and they are gorgeous, the sweetest things ever :) thanks for the comment x

  3. i must say i adore that skirt
    and it looks amazing on you