Sunday, 25 October 2009

jewellery time :D

Money from yesterday has been burning a whole in my pocket, so I decided it was probably time for me to buy some more jewellery. Here are my purchases: Firstly this beautiful bracelet, which I've been wanting for ages. I love the thorn details, and the pink rose is so pretty. Secondly is this super cool necklace. Both of these items are from Love Hearts and Crosses, if you haven't already, please check out the website ( where you will find some truly gorgeous jewellery and accessories.


  1. so...i just looked at the love hearts and crosses website, all the stuff is SO lovely. Its all beautifull and i really want som earrings from there now :)oohhhh and the necklace and bracelet you just bought are SO lovely lyl xx

  2. 0oooooh which ones? Yeah, it's actually really nice isn't it? And thanks, it is quite lovely :D ly xxx

  3. i love these
    i looked on this website
    i particually like the NY necklace

  4. the NY necklace was on a different website... this is the one with the postcard necklace :) xxx