Thursday, 19 November 2009

Anyone else find titling blogs really hard?

Argh, so much to tell, so little time!!

Firstly, new favourite necklace EVER IN THE WORLD. As Ms Wong wrote on her blog, it's the perfect mix of Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl.... ahhh I love it so much! Ok, so it's £16.95 and from one of my favourite jewellery boutiques, Temporary Secretary.
Next up, I've been doing some research into new online shops (oh, the wonders of the internet) and the first one I have found, which is miles too expensive to be honest, is Bunny Hug. After searching for all of 30 seconds I found an item which I'm now completely in love with. This skeleton tee dress:

It's £65, and as I've never bought anything from there I can't comment on the quality but it does look pretty good. It also has a rolled hem which is my new favourite dress feature....
Also, go on Darimeya some such cute stuff but unfortunately the pictures aren't copyable which is annoying :( so you know, my favourites are the lace frill dress on the first page of dresses and the lace navy jumper under tops... check them out :)

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