Saturday, 14 November 2009

MIss Dior advert

Ok, I do realise that I'm being the most stereotypical girly teenager ever, but does no one else just LOVE the new Miss Dior Cherie advert campaign? It seems to be in all the magazines and on telly ALL THE TIME but frankly I do not care because I never get bored of it! Watch the advert here....
ANYWAY on to more important stuff like MEEEE
Ok, so today my parents are off to some kind of 70s party and had to go in the loft to get their old clothes which excited me quite a bit with the hope of finding some gorgeous vintage stuff. Well, meh.... turns out my mother was a bit.... larger than she is now and most of her skirts I could wear as dresses (that's if I wanted a tweed fishtail knee-length dress) BUT my find of the day is this little orange lace scarf which quite excited me :D and for some reason which I cannot fathom, it appears to make me look older than I actually am: a rare occurance given my height. It was particularly exciting as their actual words were "Oh, that's a nice bow, actually you're whole outfit's nice, are you studying fashion?" which made me so happy I felt like jumping up and down! Ok, so my dearest father did some "I'm sorry I've been so horrible to you all while I've had man flu" shopping for all of us, which me and mum encouraged with open arms. However my sister didn't seem to quite get it and spent her guilt money on some sweets and a bath bomb... what a wasted opportunity. So this second picture is my outfit, and to be honest it's nothing new except from the slate grey tights which you can't even really see in this picture. Fact about me: my favourite colours at the moment are greys and dark blues.... but I'm kind of in quite a good mood in general at the moment. Hmmmm odd.

Anyway, so here are my purchases:

this is a man's tee, but look how prettyyy it is? It's got little diamante bits on it! Also, can we just take a minute to marvel at the unexpected beauty of the shoulders. They're just kind of baggy and weird but WOW they've got a tiny bit of elastic in so you can push them up and create the nicest, slightly power shoulder-y effect which is what makes it soooooo great. That was £30 from Amplified.

Ok, so the other thing is rather basic but I do love the grungeyness of it. Ok.... so I'm looking at the picture now and it appears to have come out rather grainy and odd. So basically it's blue and really really dark brown striped, with poppers all down the back. It was £50, but reduced to £20 (I KNOW! Such a bargain!) because of the smallest hole I've ever seen in my life be the label on the back which even I, with the worst sewing skills in the world, could repair. I'm also surprised about how much I like the length of the sleeves, because I usually just stick with short sleeves all year round and just layer up in winter, but these are quite nice... :D

As I'm writing this, I have recieved an email from my beloved Love Hearts and Crosses. Look, I'm so sorry to be this repetitive, but you people have to buy me this stuff!! The latest collection has to be my favourite yet, and so I'm afraid I will have to comment about it.
Ok, so I'll try and be brief...

LOVELOVELOVE this cutesy camera necklace, especially the tarnished silver effect. However, top of my wish list is this actually amazing gold pocket watch. I love everything about it: the links to Alice in Wonderland, the fact it's so antique-style, the fact that IT ACTUALLY WORKS and the pretty little details on the front and back. And lastly are these cute little ice cream earrings. Ok, is it just me being a freak or is there some feeling of rebellion about wearing ice cream earrings in the winter? Hmmm probably just me. Anyway, I think I have probably written my longest post EVER now so I need to go and rest my arms xxx

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  1. arghhh with my jewellery excitement I forgot to even mention where I got that stripy dress from. If anyone's interested, it's from Whistles :) x