Thursday, 26 November 2009

lace= YUM

Such a new obsession. Love the way anything lacey feels all vintage and pretty. Not much more I can say without getting hideously overexcited like usually :)

OOOOH it has pretty little pearls on toooo how exciting :D oh right, it's from Topshop

Lace cardigan from H&M. Ok, the fact that I'm using H&M shows such dedication to my blog. As some of you will know, H&M has no English online site so I had to struggle through the German site to find this for you beautiful people. You better appreciate it.

                   My friend has just bought this looooovely jumper from Topshop. I'm rather jealous.

Okay, AMAZING dress from Rokit. 'nuff said.

I saw these shoes in Grazia and now I feel like my life won't be complete again until I own these. Just look at them!

Well you can't really see the lace part in this picture but each little ruffle of the skirt has a delicate lace trim. As this is vintage I'm presuming it was supposed to be worn under clothes, but what's the point of owning something this pretty and no one seeing?!?!

Ok I'm off to spend all my money saved for the Clothes Show, bye xxx


  1. i agree. lace is absolutely stunning. :)

  2. you're blog is lovely ♥
    please check out mine,
    xx kirra

  3. Thanks for becoming a follower! :D Your blog is absolutely adorable! And btw I'm obsessed with lace :) xo

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out, lovely.
    Keep blogging, and keep up the great posts!
    I'll be back to read your updates!

    Lots and lots and lots of love,

    Sarah @ Temporary:Secretary