Saturday, 7 November 2009


First things first, tomorrow I'm off to BBC Switch Live, and event for 14-17 year olds with a load of popular artists, including Black Eyed Peas, Pixie Lott and... Shaheen Jarfagholi (sp?) from Britians Got Talent.... Anyway, I'm going with three friends and our biggest concern (never mind travel arrangements, costs and how we're going to eat) is what the hell we're going to wear!! So, I will be documenting all our outifts, and if I can do some street style kind of thing with other people there I may well do that too :)
Ok, so for ages I've had a strong desire for a tutu, despite my friends constantly reminding me that I have little, if any, occasion to actually wear a tutu.... but I really don't care, it seems such a great wardrobe staple that you could dress up with heels and a fancy top, or down with a grungy t-shirt and my worker boots. So I've been looking online and in town and found the best of the bunch.... while trying to use less mainstream shops like Topshop. So the first tutu is from Very which you must have seen adverts for, unless you don't read any magazines or watch tv. This is the most tutu-like one of my top three, and further examination has shown that it's quite see-through... Also, for anyone who's lucky enough to live near a Beyond Retro, they always have loads of tutus like this.

This next one is from H&M, the only break of my vow not to just use the obvious choices, but it's soooooo prettyyy :) in the shop they had this in purple on a manequin with this cute little heart sequinned tee and a big studded belt and it looked amazing, and I do love this dusty pink colour.

Ok, so the last one is from s,,  and I love this mink colour as well. However, as I'm a bit on the short side, this one may be a bit too long for me....

This leads me rather nicely on to my next point, about the wonderfulness of Awear. It first caught my eye when I saw my beloved Fearne Cotton wearing this cool dress from there, so I thought I'd check it out and found it was filled with some very different lovelies... please check it out, it's great and such good value. Sorry they're a bit small, but check out the website for a bigger picture :)

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