Saturday, 28 November 2009

We're off to see the wizard....

WOWIE look at the loveliness of Temporary:Secretary I have to say I probably have a weak spot for the Wizard of Oz; those beautiful ruby red slippers and the wonderfulness of Wicked.

My favourite is the Dorothy one, look at those cute little shoes :)
So today I went shopping. Well, when I say shopping I mean trying on clothes and lusting after them while trying to keep the Clothes Show in my head and today I was completely successful! I've taken some pictures of my favourite items on the Brighton high street :D

Ok, probably not helping with my lace obsession. This skirt is my new favourite item. It's from H&M and also has a slight tutu feel. Also the top is tres pretty, it's actually a dress but I thought this looked rather smashing as a combination.

Mmmmmm I'm not going to rest until I've bought a jumper dress and this one is soooo nice and I love the animal style. Here are the cons: this sizing is slightly wrong but that can be easily fixed, and it costs £48! :o I'm hoping there'll still be some left in time for the post-Christmas sales... And another thing, it is THE softest thing IN THE WORLD.

I am so happy to blog about this jumper because I now own it! Well, officially it's not mine until my birthday but that's really not very far away... £50 from Oasis but it was worth it. Ahhh it has angora wool and cashmere and it's SO PRETTY :D. For the record, I NEVER plan to layer it with that dress but it was the end of a long, long day and you get the idea :) I realise that the picture is AWFUL and so grainy, so I'm going to tell you that the red lips have sequins on as well. Oh it's perfect!

alsooooo I thought I'd blog about my lovely friend Daniella with the beautiful pink crochet jumper (see previous post). She's wearing a gorgeous little necklace from H&M and a plain scarf from Primark, as well as the Topshop jumper.

Oh yeah and my new gloves arrived and I am quite pleased with them. I have to say they look awful with this outfit but I think they'll look great with my coat.

Argh, Strictly's started now. Speak again soooooon. :) xxx

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  1. your scarf is cute. :)

    the wizard of oz is an amzing movie. :) love its songs.