Monday, 2 November 2009

Late halloween post :)

Ok, so this halloween I was subjected to the torture of my goth auntie's 50th birthday, meaning that it was spent with my entire family and my cousin, who is also a major goth, and all of her scary friends.... Anyway, this time I decided I would REALLY dress up. I went all venetian masked ball-y, which was brilliant because it had the added benefit of disguising my face, however my mother was determined to make it more halloween like, so on the left is the finish article, complete with cobwebby stuff and white face make up, which seemed to satisfy her....

Also a new discovery- missguided it's not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it's all very pretty. Anyway, here's a selection of lovely stuff that can be found on there. Firstly these surprisingly dainty worker boots are £29.99.

I also love this schoolgirl-style navy blazer, for £28.99, and this lace crop top is £14.99.

They're also great for rip-offs of more expensive clothes. For example, on our left we have a lovely bodycon dress from Topshop for £32, and on the right is a very similar dress from missguided, for £13.99. You get the idea, I'm sure :)

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